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Mold Cleaners

R.P. Morrison provides technical support and consulting and distributes Mold Cleaners worldwide.

Flex-Clean 2000Flex-Clean 2000 is an elastomeric soft flow material for compression style cleaning of all transfer and compression molds regardless of cavity wall thickness.

Flex-Clean 2000 Product Bulletin

  • Designed to effectively remove mold stain and wax buildup from chrome-plated encapsulation tooling used in the electronics industry.
  • Effectively removes long-term mold build-up, without removing the mold from the press.
  • The soft physical properties of Flex-Clean 2000 permit the compression cleaning of intricate, thin wall molds.
  • Compression cleaning with Flex-Clean 2000 is more effective than transfer cleaning with other compounds because it achieves direct contact with all gate and vent areas.
  • Improves yields by reducing or eliminating pin holes and knit lines, which often result from restricted vents.
  • Eliminates the cost of lead-frame inserts normally required in transfer cleaning.
  • Flex-Clean 2000 has been proved to be most effective when used routinely and frequently as a preventative maintenance procedure, rather than as a "fix" in a shut-down situation.
  • Flex-Clean 2000 is landfill disposable*.

* Cured scrap is inert, but it is recommended that individual landfills be consulted with regard to compliance with local regulations.

  Flex-Clean 2000 Material Specifications
  Physical: Flexible, Soft  
  Color: White  
  Odor: Ammonia  
  Abrasion: Low  
  Ingredients: All are listed in: TOSCA, DSL, EINECS, ENCS AICS, ECL
  Thickness: 3/8" + 0.20  
  Width: Strips are nominal 2"  
  Length: Continous strip/coil  
  Durometer: Shore A 45-55  
  Specific Gravity: 1.14 + 0.02  
  Shelf Life: 6 months @ 70º F  
  Prolonged exposure to 100º F storage temperature will cause precure which will reduce the effectiveness of the compound.

Note: Moisture exposure - Flex-Clean 2000 may eventually develop pale yellow surface crystals due to prolonged moisture exposure. This will not dramatically affect its cleaning capability.

Flex-Clean 2000 Application Procedure
Please call or e-mail R.P. Morrison for this information.
Tel. (401) 295-3100 , E-mail sales@rpmorrison.com

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Melamine Short Flow Mold CleanerMelamine Short-Flow Mold Cleaner is used for compression cleaning of mold cavities with substantial wall thickness. Perform size is 2" x 2" x ¼". It is a short flow compression-grade alpha cellulose filled melamine formaldehyde mold cleaning material. Because of its short flow, this melamine compression grade mold cleaner is generally more effective in removing mold staining than transfer grade cleaning melamines

Short Flow Melamine Product Bulletin

  • Supplied in 2" x 2" preforms weighing 28 grams; The preform contains an easy-break center V-groove, so that it can be broken to form 1" x 2" pieces for use in smaller areas
  • Because it is an extremely stiff flow material, approximately 1 to 5 inches at 175º C, clamp pressure should be reduced on the press, and the soft-close feature should be used on the platens if available
  • Molding temperatures as low as 300º F can be used. Cure times may vary from 2 to 5 minutes. It is recommended that the cured melamine be removed from the cleaned areas immediately to minimize sticking
  • Because short flow melamine removes residual release so thoroughly, the mold surface is often "dry". It is therefore recommended that a light application of external mold release be applied to the mold (particularly the KO pins) surface before molding is resumed.
  • Depending on the frequency of cleaning, more than one cleaning shot is generally recommended. It is best to continue the cleaning procedure until all traces of staining or compound contamination have disappeared from the white melamine. Supplied in 30 pound plastic pails.
  Short Flow Melamine Material Specifications
  Color: White  
  Preform Size: 2" x 2"  
  Preform Weight: 28 grams  
  Spiral Flow: 1.5 inches  
  Shelf Life: 6 months at 70º F  
  NOTE: Please contact R.P. Morrison for applications where a long flow material is more appropriate.
Call (401) 295-3100 or E-mail sales@rpmorrison.com.

Cleaning Procedure for Short Flow Melamine

  • Can be molded at temperatures as low as 300º F and at pressures as low as 200 psi.
  • To reduce the possibility of damage to any thin wall sections or sharp corners in the mold, it is recommended that clamp pressure be reduced to a minimum, but still adequate pressure to fill the mold cavities.
  • Make sure that an adequate amount of melamine is placed in the mold so that when it is closed both the upper and lower sections of the mold cavities are filled.
  • Place melamine squares adjacent to each other and over the cavity and runner area of the lower half of the mold. To reduce waste, the preforms may be broken in half as long as the area to be cleaned is covered by the preforms.
  • If the pot and face of the plunger have exhibited staining and sticking, it may be advisable to place an appropriate amount of melamine in the cull area of the mold.
  • If your press is equipped with a "slow close" option, it is helpful to use it to optimize the flow of the cleaning compound.
  • With the press in manual mode, close the mold halves together using reduced clamping pressure and normal molding temperatures. Set the cure cycle for five minutes initially. This time may be varied up or down depending on the cleanliness of the mold, and cross-sectional area of the cavities.
  • Open the mold and remove all of the cured compound, being careful to thoroughly clean any relief areas in both halves of the mold to prevent damage to locating or knock-out pins.
  • This process may have to be repeated a number of times until the melamine contains little or no discoloration from epoxy stains or mold release.
  • If this cleaning procedure is required more than once a shift, consult your epoxy supplier.
  • Since this cleaning compound removes most of residual release agents in the tools, it is recommended that the mold be "conditioned" with applications of release (Frekote HMT is preferred) before epoxy molding is resumed.
  • Exhaust fumes from the melamine should be drawn away from the operator through an exhaust vent at the rear of the press.

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Abrasive Blast MediaAbrasive Blast Media in a variety of particle sizes and hardnesses.
Blast equipment is required for off-line cleaning Melamine, Urea, Polyester, and Acrylic

Citrus Mold CleanerLiquid - Citrus Mold Cleaning Materials are slower acting for less severe mold stains where hand application is possible. Good for either on-line or off-line cleaning.

Mold Cleaner SolventsLiquid - Solvents are for more aggressive off-line cleaning.
Long term soak is recommended.

E-mail or call R.P. Morrison Company for the Right recommendation!
sales@rpmorrison.com, (401) 295-3100.

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